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Devon Beach


Private GP Service

A traditional and personal GP service in Devon. 

Carnegy Medical offers a wide range of private GP services in a convenient location in Exeter. 

Meet Dr Francis Carnegy

As an experienced GP, Dr Carnegy is eager to see any problem in both young and old.  He considers himself a traditional rural GP providing personalised, bespoke medical care with time to listen to and appreciate your health concerns.

Family at a Beach

Carnegy Medical offers a number of private GP services

GP Consultations

We are able to provide a friendly, timely and comprehensive review for any health problem that is troubling you.  This may range from an acute issue that needs prompt assessment and treatment through to a review of a chronic condition such as diabetes or back pain.  

Medical Reports

We can assist with the completion of medical reports and examinations.  These can include, but not limited to, foreign visa applications, travel medical certificates and private sick notes.

Health Screening

We offer comprehensive health screening assessments that can give you peace of mind.  Following your examination, bespoke further investigations can be arranged including blood tests, diagnostic scans and onward referrals to specialists.

Older Age Health Review

Concerned about your memory, falls or increasing frailty?

We can provide a dedicated and specialist review to improve your quality of life. 

Coordinated Care

We encourage shared care.

We can provide private GP appointments to you whilst you remain registered with your NHS practice.  There is no need to leave your NHS practice and indeed we would encourage shared care with your usual NHS GP.  With your consent, we will share your records with your usual GP.  We regrettably cannot provide urgent medical care so please do still call your usual GP or 111/999 if your medical need is urgent. 

Holding Hands

Contact Carnegy Medical

We are here to help. 

For appointments or enquiries please call 01392 262144

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