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A range of services to meet your medical needs. 

As a private GP service, Carnegy Medical pride ourselves on offering a traditional and personal approach to your health.

GP Consultations Older Age Health Reviews | Health Screening | Medical Reports

GP Consultations

We provide a friendly, timely and comprehensive review for any health problem that is troubling you.  This may range from an acute issue that needs prompt assessment and treatment through to a review of a chronic condition such as diabetes or back pain. 


With thirty minutes as our standard consultation length, this allows us the time to fully listen to your symptoms and concerns, perform a detailed examination and formulate a management plan for you.  Subsequent investigations including bloods, ECG, X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI can all be arranged quickly and efficiently.  Onward referrals can also be arranged to recommended local specialists if required.

We often see patients with complex chronic conditions that are simply looking for a second opinion.  A fresh pair of eyes can sometimes be invaluable and open up possible new avenues of investigation and treatment.  If you feel thirty minutes for an initial appointment is unlikely to be enough, you are of course welcome to book for as long as you feel is needed.  Providing us with copies of previous medical reports and investigations ahead of your appointment can be very helpful so we have a better understanding from the beginning.

Please note that regrettably we are unable to provide medical services to children aged under eighteen due to licensing restrictions on our Exeter premises.

Older Age Health Reviews

Friends On A Walk

Older people’s health needs are frequently complex and always unique.  As we age we tend to accumulate increasing medical ailments often resulting in visiting rounds of different specialists, each looking after their own area of expertise.  Regrettably this model often fails to see the patient as a whole, sometimes leading to unintentional harm.  Dr Carnegy has extensive experience in geriatric medicine and can help review your health issues whilst seeing the overall picture to improve your health and quality of life.


Common issues covered in our comprehensive older age health reviews include reducing mobility, pain, memory concerns, sleep disorders and incontinence.  The causes of such problems are often multifactorial and complex.  An increasing issue in modern medicine is polypharmacy, the use of multiple medications.  Every medication has a list of side effects and with increasing numbers and interaction between them, it can sadly cause unintentional harm.  Dr Carnegy’s mantra is that doctors are often experts at commencing medication but are very bad at stopping them!   He can perform a detailed medication review and discuss with you what medications can possibly be safely reduced or stopped.


We recommend an initial one hour consultation for a full Older Age Health Review.  This gives us the time to take a detailed history of your concerns, perform an examination and agree on a comprehensive management plan to proceed with.  As we regrettably do not have  access to your NHS records, it is very helpful if you can bring your NHS GP summary alongside any pertinent specialist letters. 

Health Screening

Measuring Waist

We put our cars through annual MOTs but regrettably we often fail to do the same for our own bodies.  Even if you feel well currently, doing periodic medical reviews can potentially pick up issues before they become a problem.   Or perhaps there is a specific health concern or family history that you want to address? 


We can offer bespoke health screening to address any specific concerns.  This would involve a comprehensive medical history and examination with the doctor.  Subsequent investigations can include blood tests and ECG and onward referrals can be provided if a specific problem is identified.


We can complete various examinations and medical reports including those for immigration, tourism, education and sporting events.  There will be some specialised reports that regrettably we will be unable to assist you with.  We therefore ask that all forms are sent for us to check before booking the appointment.  Costs for reports depend on their purpose and complexity but we will provide you with the advised cost before you book.  When attending for these consultations, please always bring a print out of your NHS GP summary.

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